Bird Deterrent System Case Study in Hampshire

We installed a bird deterrent system at Sumika Polymer Compounds in Havant, Hampshire . We had to install bird netting above the loading bay area in order to keep this area clean and free from bird guano. Bird Guano can cause slip hazards and block drains, making the area unpleasant and unsafe to work in. Cleaning the area is important before installing a bird deterrent system to ensure the area stays clean and free of bird waste.

The main obstacle to overcome was the access required for the loading and unloading of vehicles during the working day. We overcame this obstacle by liaising with the management team and loading bay staff so we could work outside of their normal working hours, thus removing any inconvenience for the business and their staff members.

We also used any downtime between scheduled dispatch and delivery times for cleaning and installation. With detailed planning and procedures the bird deterrent system was installed within the deadline and without any complications for the company and their staff.