Case Studies

Bird Deterrent System Case Study in Hampshire

We installed a bird deterrent system at Sumika Polymer Compounds in Havant, Hampshire . We had to install bird netting above the loading bay area in order to keep this area clean and free from bird guano. Bird Guano can cause slip hazards and block drains, making the area unpleasant and unsafe to work in. Cleaning the area is important before installing a bird deterrent system to ensure the area stays clean and free of bird waste.

A2 Dominion - Installation of Roof Anchors

Installation and maintenance of anchor, roof-access safety systems -

The main challenges in this project were around the access, the significant height and the fact that there was no onsite power.

Our approach was to prioritise the task into safety specific requirements. We secured an expert scaffolding contractor to erect suitable scaffolding in order to address the initial access and height concerns. We resolved the lack on onsite power by using our battery powered equipment.

Gunwharf Quays - High Level Window Cleaning

Gunwharf Quays is a large seafront development in Portsmouth comprising premium apartments, restaurants and shops. Ensuring that the buildings and windows are kept consistently clean is an important responsibility and one we're proud to be entrusted with.  The former naval and admiralty buildings at Gunwharf are all high level window cleaning – but due to heath and safety guidelines, ladders at this location are prohibited. Water-fed poles and access equipment allow work to be carried out in a safe and effective manner with minimal disruption or intrusion.

Portsmouth Water - Cladding Cleaning



Exterior/ Cladding Cleaning - The main challenges in this project were the access to the buildings due to the volume of traffic on the road, staff parking next to the buildings and the soft ground at the rear. We overcame this by working 'out of hours' and using track mounted access platforms at the rear on firmly bedded support boards.

Factory Cleaning at Squires Kitchens

This was a case of high level factory cleaning – vacuuming ledges and fittings. The main challenge here was that due to production pressures, the client was unable to clear the areas prior to cleaning taking place. Also there was minimal space in the walkways between shelving. To address this we used step ladders to reach above the shelving which we then to covered with plastic sheeting and then carried out as much of the work from the ground as possible. We were able to use narrow access platforms with extended reach to clean above and over false ceilings. It wasn't easy but nothing that a little lateral thinking couldn't resolve.


This was a case of restricted access cleaning – vacuuming the ledges and fitting over the swimming pool.  The main obstacle to overcome was the access required and the hazard of using an electrical appliance (vacuum cleaner) in close proximity to the water. We overcame this by using rope access and isolating the vacuum cleaner away from the hazard and using a specialist attachment which was secured safely and firmly to the the ceiling to allow cleaning to take place safely.