Deionised water for Window Cleaning

Professional window cleaners recommend deionised water for window cleaning. Some window cleaners use tap water to clean your windows. However tap water contains minerals, which while ideal for drinking are not ideal for your windows.

These nutritionally useful minerals cause streaking and deposits on your windows and along with other environmental factors such as rainwater, traffic pollution, tree sap, bird lime and run off from masonry, can cause unsightly staining and discolouration of the glass.

In deionised water these minerals are removed ensuring you get a streak free finish and a great shine on your windows. Deionised water acts as a magnet for dirt keeping your windows cleaner and streak free and eliminates the need for extra harsh chemicals meaning it is better for your windows and the environment.

At 1st Choice High Level Cleaning we produce our own deionised water and bring it to site ensuring we get the best finish for your windows.