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If we can carry out work whilst adhering to Health, Safety and Welfare Regulations there is no height restriction.

Yes, we do not take on any domestic cleaning or day-to-day office cleaning.

It is necessary for a site survey to be carried out as each task is unique. For example, different Health & Safety requirements.

Yes, our staff are DBS and MOD vetted.

A brief method statement is supplied within our quotations. A full method statement can be supplied on acceptance of quotation.

Yes, all our work is carried out to Health, Safety and Welfare Regulations which requires a risk assessment to be carried out.

We can travel UK-wide depending on the type of work to be undertaken.

We can install fall arrest systems, fall restraint systems, abseil anchors and guardrail systems depending on the regular work to be carried out on the roof.

Fall arrest lines or anchor systems are designed to prevent a person who is wearing a safety harness (with zorba shock lanyard) and has fallen off the building form falling to the ground.

Fall restraint lines or anchor systems are designed to prevent a person who is wearing a safety harness (with lanyard) from getting close to the edge of the building.

Abseil anchors are installed (in pairs) for accessing hard to reach areas of a building for maintenance purposes. Abseil anchors should only be used by trained operatives.

Guardrail systems are installed to prevent workers from getting to the edge of building without the need for a safety harness.

Roof safety systems should be inspected prior to every use. Testing and certification should be carried out at least annually.

Abseil anchors should be tested and certified six monthly.

We use a combination of tensile testing equipment to test and certify the safety system.

All test equipment is sent away annually for re calibration.

Yes, we provide a report listing up to 30 items inspected and tested for each system.

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