Moss and Algae removal with Algo Clear

Moss removal is crucial in our climate. Moss and algae growth can seriously impair the look of your building. From your roof to your walls and your ground surfaces cleaning and maintenance is essential.

Roof tiles can suffer from a mixture of moss and lichen growth, which are not only bad for the tiles but also look unsightly. This mixture is known as “biofilm”. Biofilm refers to any group of microorganisms in which cells adhere to a surface.

At 1st Choice High Level Cleaning & Maintenance we can rid your roof tiles of this messy growth and restore tiles to their former glory.

Likewise rendered buildings, especially those with good insulation such as Monocouche or K- Rend can suffer from algal and fungal disfiguration. We can clean these surfaces making your building look like new.

Ground surfaces, especially tarmac, MUGA, artificial grass and sports surfaces also need to be cleaned and maintained to stop them becoming slippery and attractive.

At 1st Choice High Level Cleaning & Maintenance are trained and approved applicators of AlgoClear® Pro Softclean, AlogoClear is a non-aggressive high purity biocide suitable for cleaning, roofs, ground surfaces and walls.

Once applied by our specialist cleaners it will carry on doing its work, removing, moss, lichen and algae long after we have left the premises - meaning your roof, render or ground surfaces will continue to look cleaner for months to come.