Cleaning Southsea Castle

Battered by the elements since it was built in 1544, Southsea Castle is being cleaned by 1st Choice High Level Cleaning & Maintenance.

Visitors to one of the city's leading landmarks may have noticed that some of the historic walls are a different colour, as our specialist cleaners hanging on ropes with harnesses get to work with blasting the stonework with steam.


Where one section of wall is now light and bright, an adjacent wall still stands dark under centuries of grime.

Southsea Castle is getting the equivalent of a facial, with specialist dirt-removing .

Our experts are treating the walls with low-pressure steam, which eliminates the dirt but doesn’t damage the sections of Victorian and Tudor stone. ‘We use a hot pressure washer, applying low pressure steam at a high temperature,’ says 1st Choice High Level Cleaning & Maintenance’s director Paul Coupland. ‘Our special training allows us to assess the type of stone and apply the right cleaning method and temperature.

In this case it’s about 105 degrees centigrade – very hot, but low pressure so we’re not doing any damage.’ "This is the first time it has been cleaned, there's hundreds of years worth of dirt, " said Seafront Manager David Evans. "They wouldn’t have done it in those days, but now thanks to 1st Choice High Level Cleaning & Maintenance we have the means to do the job without damaging the stone and without putting up lots of scaffolding."