Pigeon netting and bird netting

Why do I need bird netting on my building?

Amongst other things Pigeons can spread disease and leave unsightly droppings on your buildings.

If you look carefully you can see nylon bird netting and pigeon netting on many buildings all over the world. The discreet looking netting keeps pigeons and other birds such asgulls and sparrows from nesting or perching on ledges of buildings. By using bird netting and pigeon netting you can prevent unsightly droppings of birds from contaminating your building.

 Pigeon netting and bird netting can help prevent:

  • Unsightly pigeon and bird droppings which can cause problems by making pavements and steps slippery, particularly in wet weather. 
  • Damage to your buildings and corrosion of stonework caused by pigeon droppings
  • Nesting material, droppings and dead birds from blocking gutters and drains leading to water damage to buildings.
  • Infections which can be transmitted to humans from pigeon

What do I need to do before pigeon netting or bird netting is installed?

  • Pigeon droppings or bird guano, which is the technical term for bird excrement, should be removed prior to installing bird netting or pigeon netting.
  • It is important to remove guano before installing anti- perching products
  • If you are excluding pigeons from an internal area of a building it is vital to clean any build-up of pigeon guano to stop smells and reduce the potential for insect-related problems for occupants.  Our specialist cleaning team can remove a build up of guano from any area before installing anti perching devices.

Where should bird netting and pigeon netting be installed?

Since people with depressed immune systems are particularly vulnerable to some of the human pathogens carried by pigeons, flocks of pigeons should not be tolerated around hospitals, medical clinics, nursing homes and other similar sites.

Bird netting is usually used vertical to protect facias and window ledges.

How is pigeon netting and bird netting installed?

To be successful the pigeon or bird netting must be installed to an extremely high standard to completely exclude the birds from the area being netted.

Specialist equipment is needed and installation must be completed by a specialist in order for it to be effective.

Health and Safety is of paramount importance during installation and maintenance as it is often fitted at a high level.

1st Choice High Level leaning & Maintenance we are experts at the installation and maintenance of pigeon netting and bird netting on buildings of all sizes. We have great expertise in our team, meaning you can rest assured of a high quality installation and excellent customer service and aftercare.

All our cleaning team are fully DBS checked and insured for high level cleaning and pigeon and bird netting installation work.