Raising money for the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund

1st Choice High Level Cleaning and Maintenance are raising money for the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund by encouraging their customers to recycle their used milk bottle tops.

The Milk Bottle tops are not generally collected by local councils but they can be recycled by specialist companies that granulate them, enabling them to be used to make hard plastic garden toys for children such as slides or indeed more bottle tops. 

Our Portsmouth based commercial cleaning company will collect the bottle tops from their customers and deliver them to the specialist recycling company who weighs them in and makes a donation to the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund – equal to the recycling value of the tops.

The Royal Marines Charity Trust Fund supports wounded and injured Marines, those Marines who are still serving and facing successive tours in high threat environments and taking care of those left behind when a Marine dies in service. The Charity aims to raise £2.4million per year to support this crucially important work.