Rescuing Citizens Advice Cosham from Rats!

Cosham Citizens Advice Bureau has provided free, impartial advice to those that need it for decades and over this time it has faced many challenges. However, this time they knew they were facing their toughest challenge to date  …. Rats!

Cosham CAB manager Patricia Exley explains, ‘The rubbish from discarded and blown litter has accumulated over many months between the building and the perimeter fence and we’ve had rats scratching about in the roof above our heads whilst we’ve been providing advice to people. It’s been a bit distracting to say the least.

We would have cleared it ourselves but it’s very difficult to access and together with the overgrown vegetation, it’s become a specialist job.’

Fortunately for Cosham CAB, a Drayton based company, 1st Choice High Level Cleaning and Maintenance had the necessary equipment and expertise and they volunteered to clear it free of charge.  

Paul Coupland, Director of 1st Choice High Level Cleaning and Maintenance said,

‘We know they do a valuable job for local people and many of those working at the CAB are volunteers themselves so we thought it would be good to give our time and expertise to help them out and in doing so, give something back to the local community.’

Chief Executive Lynne Davies said, 

“We’re really grateful to Paul and everyone at 1st Choice high Level Cleaning and Maintenance for giving their time freely and clearing this area around our building in Cosham. It was a big job and required specialist equipment to access the hard to reach areas and deal with the overgrown vegetation. Without Paul’s help Cosham CAB would have really struggled to overcome this problem.’