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Installation of Bird Deterrent Systems

 Birds can be a beautiful and welcome sight, but when they start to cause damage to property, make a mess, or create noise, they can become a nuisance.  Implementing bird deterrent systems can help you avoid these problems. Here are 10 effective bird deterrent systems you can consider:

  1. Bird spikes: Bird spikes are a simple and affordable solution to deter birds from landing or roosting on flat surfaces such as roofs, ledges, and gutters.
  2. Bird netting: Bird netting is a more comprehensive solution that can cover larger areas such as gardens, orchards, and vineyards to prevent birds from accessing crops.
  3. Visual bird deterrents: Visual bird deterrents include reflective tape, scare balloons, and scarecrows. These systems use movement and reflections to frighten birds away from an area.
  4. Auditory bird deterrents: Auditory bird deterrents use sound to repel birds. Examples include ultrasonic devices, bird distress calls, and predator sounds.
  5. Electric bird deterrents: Electric bird deterrents use a mild electric shock to discourage birds from landing on or near the protected area. These systems are typically used in industrial or agricultural settings.
  6. Avian predators: Avian predators such as hawks and falcons can be used to scare off smaller birds. However, this method requires a permit and careful management to ensure the safety of the predator.
  7. Bird repellent sprays: Bird repellent sprays use natural or chemical ingredients to create an unpleasant taste or smell that birds will avoid.
  8. Bird wire systems: Bird wire systems use thin wires strung across open spaces to create a barrier that birds cannot land on.
  9. Bird decoys: Bird decoys mimic the appearance of predators or other birds to deter birds from an area. They can be made of plastic or other materials and can be moved periodically to maintain effectiveness.
  10. Electric bird tracks: Electric bird tracks use low-voltage electric shocks to create a barrier that birds will avoid. They are typically installed on flat surfaces such as roofs, ledges, and signs.

Whether you are dealing with small birds or larger ones, implementing bird deterrent systems can help you keep your property safe and clean. By choosing the right bird deterrent system for your situation. 1st Choice can help with your bird deterrent system. Professionally installed systems are a cost effective solution to nesting and excreta / guano build up on your premises

Bird deterrent systems offer a humane way to deter unwelcome attention from feathered friends.