The secret to cleaner windows?

Don’t let your windows get MAD – The most damaging things for your windows are as follows: Moisture, Alkalinity and Dirt or MAD for short.

Now there is not much you can do about your windows getting wet, especially at this time of year, but having your windows cleaned regularly will help to protect the glass from long term damage and staining.

Stained and Discoloured windows? Now there is a solution.
1st Choice High Level Cleaning & Maintenace are Approved Applicators of ClearShield Eco System which helps to prevent unsightly staining and discolouration of your windows from rainwater, traffic pollution, tree sap, bird lime and run off from masonry, lead flashing and silicon sealant.

Renovate, Protect and Maintain

The ClearShield Eco System helps new and existing windows to shine improving cleanliness and clarity by renovating, protecting and maintaining the glass. At 1st Choice High Level Cleaning & Maintence we are Approved Applicators of the ClearShield Eco System, which provides the very best results for your glass and windows.

Benefits of ClearShield Eco System:

  • Windows look cleaner and brighter than before
  • Windows and glass remain cleaner and brighter between cleans
  • A unique solution to staining and discolouration of windows
  • An award winning system • Better for the environment
  • Longer lasting cleaning
  • More cost effective

You can find out more on our 1st Choice High Level Cleaning YouTube Channel or call us on 023 92 366 377